It’s not possible to not have anything to say. It might be worthless, it may suck, but at least you said something. Most people don’t. I used to keep it all in, but after you start sharing what you think it gets addictive. And you don’t necessarily have to write. You can paint, sing, dance … Continue reading Lions


Today a question popped up in my head: can you be good at something you don’t like doing? At first my answer was yes, of course. I didn’t even think about it. But now, I start to wonder if I’m right. Giving it some thought, I enjoy pretty much all of the activities I’m good … Continue reading Talent


I’ve been in South Africa for five months. And that is the same amount of time I have left. But something strange is happening now: I find it really difficult to think about the life I used to have, and maybe that’s because I never lived it. I’ve changed so much since I came here, … Continue reading Born


I’ve always been told I was lazy, specially in school. I didn’t study or do my homework very often, and I never got very good grades. It’s never meant anything to me. I thought there was something off every time someone told me how I wouldn’t get anywhere in life without a good school record. … Continue reading Tricky